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Dark Souls 2 director Yui Tanimura admitted in a new interview that the PC version of Dark Souls was lacking. They plan to do right by PC gamers with the sequel, though.

"A lot of it was not very well done, sort of half-assed," Tanimura told Shacknews.

Dark Souls was initially released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011. However, a petition by fans led Namco to greenlight a PC port. The PC version, dubbed the Prepare To Die Edition of Dark Souls 2, arrived this past August. It was roundly criticized for low framerates, low resolutions and poor keyboard/mouse support.

Tanimura insisted that the Dark Souls 2 PC version will turn out better. From Software is working on the PC version alongside the console editions. In fact, the first gameplay footage from DS2 was from the PC edition. This simultaneous development, Tanimura said, ensures that "there will be more care put into PC development."

Dark Souls 2 will launch on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC at the same time. No word yet on when we can expect the game, though.