GTA V trailer teaser image

If you're hoping for more gameplay footage from Grand Theft Auto V, you won't have to wait much longer. Rockstar Games is promising that they'll release multiple trailers for the game on April 30th.

"MICHAEL. FRANKLIN. TREVOR. TRAILERS 4.30," reads the teaser image posted on Rockstar Newswire.

Michael, Franklin and Trevor are the three playable characters in the game. Between missions, players will be able to switch between them at will to experience character-exclusive content. The three criminals will also team up from time to time in story missions. Players will be able to play these missions from any characters' perspective, thereby changing the gameplay experience. For example, one character might be driving the getaway car while the other shoots at pursuing cops.

The mention of "trailers" (rather than "trailer") in the teaser image, along with these characters names, suggests that they're going to release a different trailer for each character. Perhaps each video will reveal more about the background and personality of the trio. Or maybe the three trailers will each show the same mission from a different character's perspective?

Rockstar has only released two trailers for GTA V thus far. The first introduced Los Santos, the setting for the game. The second gave us our first look at the playable characters.

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