GTA 5 Extreme Drifting Video Features Drifting Without Mods

I may not be the biggest fan of GTA V since it's not on PC, but I can't help but get drawn into its mesmerizing gaze whenever some so-awesome-its-sick gameplay video makes its way around the interwebs. Whether it's stunt-driving from one plane to the next, or recreating videos of popular movie trailers into an in-game sequence – despite being relegated to the geriatric seventh-gen twins – GTA V's infectious gameplay seems to transcend the limitations of the consoles for which it was made.

That above statement applies well to the video from YouTube user BliTz, who seems to be a connoisseur of dubstep and a firm practitioner of extreme drifting in Grand Theft Auto V – either by exhibiting indubitable skills with fancy sports cars or using the sliding car cheat.

Some users complained that Blitz wasn't using true drifting skills. However, GTA V doesn't have the built-in game modifications like in Forza Motorsport or Grand Turismo that allows players to fine-tune their cars to drift. The options are definitely available in the RAGE toolset, as it has been exhibited with modified handling configurations in GTA IV, as showcased in the video below.

Tons of gamers complain that using handling modifications is also considered cheating, but just modifying the torque, suspension, steering differential, tire pressure, braking and the gear cycles to drift doesn't mean it automatically gives you the skill to drift in the game. It takes an incredible amount of precision control to pull off the stunts like you see in video(s) above.

Heck, just because you buy a $250,000 custom-tuned Subaru Impreza WRX Twin Turbo doesn't mean you can pro-drift like Ken Block on a gymkhana course.

Anyway, I imagine modders are probably already hard at work at modifying the Xbox 360's handling config files to get them to work properly with the modded version of GTA V on the 360. This could potentially mean that the hard drifting and the awesome skill exhibited in the video above will be available on the 360 version of GTA V.

More than anything, the videos just make me wish GTA V was simply made available on PC, as that would solve a lot of the anguish about the lack of proper drifting in the game. That's not to mention, a PC version will allow gamers to do to the game what needs to be done: Mod it to oblivion and back again... and then mod it some more.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.