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If you've missed out on the most recent chapters of Grand Theft Auto, you can now get them at a steep discount. Digital copies of GTA 5 and GTA 4 have been marked down for the weekend on Xbox 360.

GTA 4 takes players to Liberty City, a fictional version of New York City. They'll play as Niko Bellic, an Eastern European immigrant willing to get his hands dirty to make a living. The accompanying multiplayer modes let players shoot or race other players across the city. This weekend's discount cuts the price down by 75% to $4.99.

The two expansion packs for GTA 4 also received price cuts. The Lost and the Damned ($5) puts players in the shoes of Johnny, a member of Liberty City's fiercest biker gang. The Ballad of Gay Tony ($8) stars Luis, right-hand man to a nightclub organizer. Each expansion includes a brand-new campaign and set of exclusive multiplayer modes.

GTA 5, released this fall, is set in fictional LA equivalent Los Santos. The player switches between three playable characters: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. These criminals team up to perform over-the-top heists throughout the city and surrounding towns. Players can even swap characters during these missions to experience the action from different perspectives. GTA Online, the multiplayer component, lets players cause havoc in Los Santos and Blaine Counties. They can also create custom multiplayer matches anywhere in the game world and share them with others.

Thanks to GTA 5's stellar sales, the game still has a regular price tag of $60. However, this weekend, it's only $30.

The discounts are probably inspired by the announcement of GTA 5's Xbox One version at E3 this week. GTA 5 Xbox One, like the PS4 and PC versions, will debut this fall with visual upgrades and all the previously released content packs for GTA Online.

I'm sure that many Xbox 360 owners figure that buying the 360 version of GTA 5 is pointless now that a shinier, new-gen version is on the way. The discount is Microsoft's way of persuading them to buy the last-gen version anyway. Your GTA Online progress on the Xbox 360 version can be carried over to the PS4, Xbox One or PC so you won't be wasting your time by playing the game on 360 this summer. I'm really hoping that owners of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of GTA 5 will get some sort of discount on the new versions but Rockstar's made no indication of such a deal yet.

The <>GTA discounts are accompanying by several other deals on Xbox 360. Survival horror game Resident Evil Revelations is now $13.59. Forza Horizon has been marked down to $10.19, perhaps in celebration of the sequel announcement. The 2D building and exploration game Terraria, meanwhile, is a mere $5.

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