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There's a good hour-long video of Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 4. The video covers the first few segments of the game, starting with the robbery and the staged death of one of the main characters.

You can see what sort of differences have been made to the game over the past year as Rockstar fine-tuned the experience for the PS4 and Xbox One. Although, if we were to go by the settings and structure of the code that leaked last year, the version coming out this year is actually the definitive one and Xbox 360 and PS3 owners ended up with a downgraded hand-me-down. Well, to be more clear, the PC version is the definitive version and the other versions were modified to run on their respective hardware (according to the configuration settings in some of the files, anyway).

In addition to having an hour-long playthrough of the beginning of the game, there's also some nifty footage of some hacking and slashing going on... no, really. GamesHQMedia goes on a first-person hatchet rampage. You can see what it looks like to be Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers in the realm of GTA V. Check out the footage below.

If you thought that was all, think again. There's even more footage of GTA V from the PS4 version of the game, including a bit of target practice with a high-tech railgun. That's right, some target practice with a railgun. Making id Software and the Quake guys a bit jealous.

Due to a lot of the politics happening in the AAA sector it's easy to see how a lot of gamers have become disillusioned to the hype and appeal of some games. This isn't to mention that GTA V has been somewhat lackluster on the promises front, given that Rockstar repeatedly promoted the whole heist feature and it's yet to pan out.

There's a running rumor that heists will drop for GTA V as an eighth-gen only feature, while some are under the impression that it will be patched across all the systems sometime after November 18th. Rockstar is tight-lipped and we won't know until we know.

GTA V for the PS4 and Xbox One will be available starting tomorrow on November 18th.

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