GTA 5 Will Have Three Playable Characters, Will Be Rockstar's Biggest Game Yet

The open world gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V will take a bit of a curve from previous games in the series. Instead of taking control of one character and progressing through the game in a set storyline, players will actually be in control of three characters.

The new issue of GameInformer (set to drop digitally later today) details everything you need to know about Rockstar's self-proclaimed largest open-world game to date, following up on the newest screenshot Rockstar sent out earlier today. One confirmed bit of news comes courtesy of the cover of GameInformer, which showcases three very different characters strutting their stuff to the tune of a brightly colored city hanging in the backdrop.

A lot of speculation was hinging on the premise of multiple playable characters, and it turns out that said speculation was true. Players will be able to strategically use each character, and GameInformer will detail how these characters can be used in their 18 page spread. As many rumors suggested, there would be an Italian-type playable character, the older guy narrating in the first trailer, as well as the black guy who we've seen in a couple of shots, and I don't know about that third guy who looks a little creepy.

What's more is that gamers need not worry about the size of Los Santos, as it will be, to quote, “the biggest open-world Rockstar has created to date”. And unlike all those other rumors, those words don't lie.

My only concern about this news is: How will this fit on a single Xbox 360 disc? The last game, GTA IV, was brimming at the edges in terms of data size and some media content was removed from the 360 version for compression reasons. How on Earth can Rockstar make the game bigger, better looking and have three main characters and fit it all on a single disc? There's just no way unless Rockstar does what 343 and Ubisoft did and separate the disc based on content? Maybe one disc for multiplayer and another for single player? Or maybe separate the discs per each campaign? It's anyone's guess.

Hopefully GTA V isn't gimped due to the limited space of DVD9. I'd hate for one of the biggest game experiences of the generation to have to suffer lots of limited content to accommodate outdated hardware.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.