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GTA 5 Online Human Bullet Video Uses Gravity As A Weapon

GTA Online has been available since last fall and players are still finding new ways to kill each other. A new video shows how players can use their body as a lethal weapon.

No, it's not a video about fist-fighting. These players are leaping out of helicopters and trying to land on people. Admittedly, it's not the most precise way to murder someone. It takes one of the skydivers several attempts to hit his target. Even when he lands right on top of him, it doesn't seem to cause much damage at all. Jumping on enemies doesn't work as well as Super Mario would have us believe.

There is a way for these jumpers to kill their targets, though. They cause significant damage to cars that they land on. Toward the end of the video, one of the players splats on a car and blows it up, killing two others in the process. Sadly, the game doesn't give him credit for the kill.

Even if this isn't an efficient method for killing people, it sure is a hilarious one. The ragdoll physics for GTA 5 has always been a source of comedy and this video makes the most of it. Watching players bounce off cars like baseballs is never going to get old. Never.

If you found the video funny, stay tuned. The folks who made the video plan to try this idea again soon. They've learned a few things from the first go-around, too. This is probably the first time that jumping out of a helicopter and landing face-first in a parking lot can be considered educational.

"It was lots of fun," the creator said on Reddit. "We made a Team Deathmatch for next time, Each time the divers died they had to get a new helicopter and fly over so it took a few minutes so next time I should have more successful hits and We are going to set up more things to hit"

In case you're wondering, the sharp suits featured in the video are from the Valentine's Day Massacre update released in February. That free content update provided a bunch of 1920's themed gear including suits, flapper dresses and Tommy guns. That equipment was only up for grabs until the end of the month, though. If you didn't log in to get it, you missed your chance.

This video's the second YouTube clip to catch our eye this week. On Sunday we saw an amazing cargo plane stunt. Be sure to check that out if you haven't already. Don't miss the recent Purge: Anarchy parody, either.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.