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If you're a PC gamer who's eager to get your hands on the definitive edition of Grand Theft Auto V, and you want to get in on the action as early as possible, Rockstar has you covered. You can start pre-loading the game on April 7th, seven full days before it's released.

The Rockstar support page rolls out some of the details on the new pre-loading option for GTA V:
Yes, pre-loads via Rockstar Warehouse and Steam will be available on April 7th. We will update this page with an exact time as soon as that information is available. If you pre-ordered GTAV from a digital retailer other than Rockstar Warehouse or Steam, please contact your retailer’s customer support departments for details on pre-loads.

You'll definitely want to pre-load this game if you already pre-ordered. Why? GTA V is large enough to bypass any bandwidth limitations set by an ISP. So, if you have a 50GB limit on your internet, you can forget about getting GTA V in one go, because the game requires 65GB of space.

Even if you don't have a bandwidth limit, 65GB is a lot of space. That's bigger than some of the cheap external hard drives out there. If you start downloading the game on April 7th, you can slowly get the game over the course of the next week. Then, it'll be ready to play on launch day. Plus, on April 14th Steam will probably be moving like a tortoise given that a bunch of people will want to get both GTA V and NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat X. Battle of the titans.

I'm usually not big on pre-loading, but I can definitely see how it's an extremely useful feature for digital downloads, given that games are getting big enough to take up an entire hard drive by themselves.

However, based on the way GTA V is shaping up, this is going to be one of the biggest PC games in a long while (or until Star Citizen's FPS and persistent universe modules go live). The game has texture and geometry assets that support up to 4K resolution and was recently showcased running at 60 locked frames per second. You haven't seen GTA in action until you see it running at 60fps. Just gorgeous.

I imagine GTA V will be the game that many gamers use for benchmarking purposes for years to come. That's a very influential community because that's how you move and sell PC hardware for enthusiasts. If a game benchmarks well (assuming it's well optimized), then you're going to have a lot of people buying it to benchmark and a lot of people buying hardware based on those benchmarks. In the past, PC gamers used Crysis as a benchmark to determine whether or not specific hardware was worth the price of entry.

GTA V could be a huge seller on PC, especially with how dedicated the modding community is. Hayssam Keilany is already planning to have an iCEnhancer primed and ready for GTA V, so that will be huge. Of course, gamers will need to have the game downloaded and installed when those first mods go live, so pre-loading is a good way to be a part of the first wave of community content that goes live on April 14th. Need more info? Feel free to pay a visit to the game's official website.
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