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Is Rockstar Games developing Grand Theft Auto V for the PC? Yes, according to Amazon France. The online retailer is now listing a PC version of the open-world crime game.

Amazon France says GTA 5 will be playable on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Those are the only details they share. It's just a placeholder page for now.

This is the second retailer to mention a PC version of GTA V. In November, Dutch chain Game Mania listed the port on its advertisement and website. Game Mania's site still says that the game's coming to PC, in fact, which makes a clerical error seem less likely.

Rockstar previously stated that they're open to platforms other than Xbox 360 and PS3. The PC seems the most likely choice for a third platform. After all, every major GTA has been released for the PC.

Still, PC gamers might need to wait awhile. The fact that Rockstar hasn't announced a PC version yet means it probably won't arrive in Spring 2013 along with the console iterations.

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