GTA 5 Vehicle Bug Confirmed By Rockstar, Patch Incoming

In their first week of playing Grand Theft Auto V, many players have noticed that their vehicles tend to...disappear. Rockstar confirmed this weekend that they've seen the bug as well and that they're working on a fix.

Losing a car in a GTA game ordinarily wouldn't be a big deal because you could just steal another one. However, GTA V allows players to spend serious cash on upgrading their vehicles. You can add cosmetic features to your ride or boost its performance by swapping in a new engine, brakes and more. These upgrades can cost thousands of dollars (of fake-ass video game money) so it's a bit annoying to have them wiped out by a bug.

"This issue may occur if you drive another character’s personal vehicle. We are looking into a fix to prevent this from occurring in the future," Rockstar said on their support site.

The developers don't have a workaround to recover any missing cars. They provided some tips to avoid being affected by it, though. Rockstar recommends that you not park your car in a garage, drive cars already in a garage, or use a default vehicle with a character other than the one who bought the upgrades for it.

"Also please note that vehicles saves in the garage of one safehouse may not show up in the garage of a different safehouse."

You could also just take it easy with the vehicle mods. They're not necessary to succeed in the game. Many of the missions in the campaign force you to use some other vehicle anyway. Your tricked-out Banshee is going to sit in the garage while you drive a cement truck to the drug deal.

GTA V launched on September 17th on Xbox 360 and PS3. The game has already sold over $1 billion worth of copies so Rockstar can certainly afford to throw a few people at this bug.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.