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Another day, another small hint that Rockstar Games is developing a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. An employee at Rockstar has listed the PC version on their LinkedIn resume.

The LinkedIn profile of the Rockstar senior animator (via GTA5Cheats) notes that he did cutscene animation for GTA V on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The link is to a Google Cache version of his resume; he's since changed it to read only PS3 and Xbox 360. Presumably he noticed that gaming sites had begun reporting on his resume. The fact that he edited it could mean that he either wanted to avoid spoiling Rockstar's announcement of a PC version. Or maybe the mention of a PC version was a simple error.

Still, this isn't the first clue we've seen of a PC GTA 5. Amazon began listing the game on the PC last week. A Dutch retailer is accepting pre-orders for GTA 5 on that platform as well. Both retailers haven't changed their listings even after they became widely known, which seems to suggest that they're not simple typos.

To date, every main entry in the GTA series has made its way to the PC. Even the games first released on consoles have eventually been ported over by Rockstar. Why not GTA V, too?

Rockstar to date hasn't said anything about a PC version of the game. Vice president Dan Houser said in a recent interview that other platforms were being considered. He didn't mention the PC specifically, though.

GTA V will hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 this spring.