New Grand Theft Auto V artwork was revealed this weekend by GameStop. The posters on display at the retailer seem to feature Franklin and Michael, two of the game's protagonists.

Franklin's is a repo-man. He's employed by a car dealership/loan shark operation that makes a point of selling cars to customers who can't afford them. It's his job to then repossess these cars when they can't make the payment. In his poster, he's riding a motorcycle down the highway and wielding an uzi. A police helicopter flies above him.

The other poster shows a masked man with an submachine gun robbing a jewelry store. Judging by the suit, that's Michael. Michael is a retired bank robber who's forced to get back into the game after he loses his fortune.

In GTA 5, Michael and Franklin will team up with another character, Trevor, to pull some big heists. The player can switch between each character during these missions to perform different roles. In between heists, the players can also switch between these characters to experience their different stories.

GTA 5 will launch this spring on the PS3 and Xbox 360. A PC version is allegedly in development as well.

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