Rockstar really knows how to get people amped, so much so that they take to doing things only the most productively depraved could conjure up. In this case, some bright fellows decided to completely remake the over-the-top GTA V trailer in DICE's Battlefield 3. Without proper mod tools, however, the entire thing is a hilarious but entertaining thrill ride.

YouTube user Ketegano15 uploaded the video just a few days ago and it's already garnering some traction. He has a channel full of parody videos from popular games and comparisons and so it's unsurprising to see this kind of video make the cut.

You can check out the collage of carnage below, courtesy Turkish website, Rockstar Turk.

I think the lack of proper scripting actually made that a lot funnier than it would have been otherwise. The robot having to replace the dog was almost laugh out loud worthy and that end scene looked like they all got too drunk and tried playing charades with electric prongs clapped to their gonads.

Still, the trailer was well done and I'd say it was slightly better than the GTA V trailer redo in GTA IV.

Rockstar's bound-for-success open world action title is scheduled to release this upcoming spring for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The PC version is scheduled to launch at a later date.

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