Nintendo's latest console has been receiving a lot of middleware support, and it's primed to cater to all walks of gamers thanks to Nintendo's aim to cater to a versatile and diverse demographic. The latest company to pledge support to the Big 'N' is none other than Gamebase USA and their GameBryo game engine.

GameByro, for those who don't know, has been used for numerous projects, ranging from MMOs like LEGO Universe to off the cuff thrillers like Catherine. It was recently used in the well-received but under-glamorized Biblical action game, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. There haven't been any upcoming projects specifically announced making use of the GameByro Engine for the Wii U, but Gamebase signed on as a middleware partner is a great start nonetheless.

Gabriel Liberty, Technical Director of Gamebase USA commented about the recent partnership with Nintendo, saying...
“We are determined to stay on the cutting edge of all new hardware as it becomes available,”. “The Wii U is powerful enough to take advantage of all of Gamebryo's features including our advanced lighting techniques and multicore technology.”

The Wii U has received a lot of mixed-bags of criticism regarding its technical capabilities. However, Unity Technology's David Helgason had some positive things to sayabout the Wii U when we interviewed him last year just before the console launched.

Hopefully we'll see the Wii U make full use of partnerships with Gamebase and Unity Technology, and I really hope Nintendo keeps the door wide open for indie developers so we can see a greater variety of original titles for the Wii U with the supported game engines.

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