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Gamers Are To Blame For HipHopGamer’s Popularity

After HipHopGamer received a good lambasting by PlanetXbox360, the gaming blogosphere was up in arms over which sites were credible and how journalism for video games should be handled, etc., etc., etc. Fortunately enough, Blend Games steered clear of the fireworks. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t have our own opinion about that matter.

Regardless of whether HipHopGamer is a credible source of gaming information (in which case, I can’t say that he is) it doesn’t mean he’s not a passionate, entertaining source for gaming information. The site blossomed into popularity across the likes of news aggregators, especially the flamewar battleground known as N4G.

Just recently, a host of sites attacked HipHopGamer, they attacked each other and then they attacked the gaming public at large. Many of the gaming websites are a little ticked off about a biased gamer influencing other biased gamers. Although, I don’t see how pointing fingers has actually helped.

Furthermore, one of the websites actually provided an informative take on the whole thing by looking at it fairly. Ironically enough, the humorous gaming blog Slapstic, dissected the scenario down to the parts that make up the sum of the whole propaganda that set the gaming community afire.

Ryan Rigney contacted HipHopGamer for purposes of reproach, saying, “Unprovoked, I chastised him for using the fanboyism of the community to score hits on his site, on which he regularly posts articles that, in my own personal opinion, have not much purpose other than to inflame the tempers/excitement of mindless fanboys.”

Yes, that’s pretty much what it boils down to: Mindless fanboys. Unfortunately, gaming journalism can only be taken as serious as its audience…and how serious is that audience?

While I can’t disagree with fellow Editors for being angered that a lot of their content is being butted to the bottom of the barrel in favor of a hip-hop, caricaturized fanboy, I can’t help but feel that Ryan hit the nail on the head in that HipHopGamer is simply capitalizing on a large audience who may not be mature enough to propel any other kind of news forward, within the realm of video game journalism.

I suppose, even now, you could compare the idiotic rush of articles for promoting KillZone 2 – some of which we here at Blend Games are culprits of writing – to the idiotic rush of articles that came out in hopes of capturing fans’ attention for the movie Twilight. Yes, it really is the same thing.

While video game journalists can complain about what kind of journalism (or lack thereof) controls the blogosphere, you can’t complain too much when the audience is the one who determines what kind of gaming information they want.

As always, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news, updates and info on all things gaming.

Props to Brian Romero for the main image picture at top.

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