March was a real rocket-busting month. Absolutely insane. Capcom pretty much took all their credibility over the past several decades and just buried it in a series of unfortunate business decisions. Things also weren't looking good for BioWare. The company just flatout fell from the good graces of their core fans due to a few misappropriated decisions that resulted in just as much of a fallout as the Capcom disaster. But it wasn't all doom and gloom for March, there were some positives, too. Including the revelation of the Unreal Engine 4, new Halo 4 assets, and HD remakes of two absolute classics that have gone down in history as some of the most beloved franchises ever. These and more in this Gaming Blend March, 2012 Recap.

March 3rd - 10th: SimCity Reboot, Capcom DLC Fiasco, Halo 4 Assets It didn't take long for March to quickly go from being one of the biggest, most anticipated months of the year for gaming to being one of the most controversial. Mass Effect 3 launched along with Street Fighter X Tekken and a whole lot of controversy followed suit. This recap is full-up corporate backtracking and lots and lots and lots of "damage control".

March 11th - 17th: Mass Effect 3 Ending, No New Xbox Console, Shenmue HD Microsoft confirms no new Xbox this year along with no new console announcements. Sega teases Shenmue HD, the beloved but highly underrated adventure title, and things heat up even more regarding the Mass Effect 3 ending, with protests, boycotts and movements forming up against EA and BioWare.

March 18th - 24th: Soul Reaver Reboot, Capcom Hunts Hackers, Prey 2 Dead Crystal Dynamics are revisiting the Legacy of Kain IP, most fans are excited while others are cautious due to how other franchises have gone due to being rebooted. Bethesda cancels Prey 2 and after trying to get gamers to help turn in hackers and failing, Capcom decides to hunt the hackers down themselves.

March 25th - March 31st: PS4 Is Now The Orbis? Alan Wake Will Never Be On PS3, EA Looking To Buyout Another Firm This final week of March proved to be an interesting one, as Remedy revealed that no Alan Wake game will ever appear on the PlayStation 3. Rumors surface about the next PlayStation console that furthers the trend of possibly locking out used games and EA is poised to buyout another firm that won't make gamers happy at all.

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