Epic Games provided two big updates on Gears of War: Judgment today. They've sent out a new gameplay video and also announced that Judgment will ship with a free game: the first Gears of War.

Judgment doesn't come with a disc version of Gears 1. Instead, you get a Games on Demand download token. You'll need 6.27 GB of hard drive space to download and play it.

The free GoW1 download tokens are limited to the "initial launch quantities" of Judgment. You'll need to either pre-order that game or purchase it soon after its release. Also note that this token won't be offered in Germany, because GoW1 was never released there due to ratings. The tokens are region-locked, too, so German players can't import a copy of Judgment to get the free game.

In spite of the small print, a free game is a nice and unexpected bonus. The first Gears wasn't perfect but it has some really great moments. It's certainly worth playing if you're a fan of the other Gears games.

The latest trailer for Judgment, called "Guts of Gears," focuses on the campaign. It runs down some of the new features that players can look forward to, including the Smart Spawn system, dynamic defense scenarios and Declassified Missions.

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