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The multiplayer for Gears of War: Judgment will feature a powerful character named the Epic Reaper. Lucky players will be able to take on the role of this high-powered Locust.

Epic Games will chose a different Gears of War player to be the Reaper every week. The selection will be based on "contributions to the community." It's a desirable goal, as the Reaper comes loaded with special abilities. Being chosen to play the character will earn you custom dog tags as well.

Should you kill the Epic Reaper in battle, you'll unlock a special Reaper medal. You'll also get a weapon skin for your weapon that adds a white Gears logo to the side of the chassis. Both items are pictured below along with the Reaper character.

Your chances of encountering this one special player are admittedly slim. To give players a better chance at unlocking these extras, Epic's employees will also have the Reaper skin. Killing them will give you the skin and medal as well.

Judgment will launch in a week so Epic is already accepting nominations for the first Gears Reaper. Head to this forum thread or tweet with the hashtag #GearsReaper to make your voice heard.

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