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Gears Of War: Judgment Multiplayer Trailer Details Modes, Weapons

Epic Games has released a new "Guts of Gears" video for Gears of War: Judgment that gives a run-down on the competitive multiplayer experience. Players will have new modes and weapons at their fingertips in Judgment's online battles.

The video mentions four game modes. You can tell what Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All are just from their names. Domination is a territory capture-and-hold mode with three points to battle over. OverRun, meanwhile, is a team-based, class-based mode. Players take on the role of special COG or Locust units, each with distinct abilities.

Players can use three new grenades in battle. Sticky grenades will attach themselves to enemies so that they can't simply dive away from the explosion. Beacon grenades mark enemies so that they can be seen through walls. Stim gremades, meanwhile, heal any friendly targets in their blast radius. In a change from series tradition, players can toss grenades without winding up first.

Three guns were also detailed in the trailer. The Markza is a semi-auto rifle with a scope and large ammo clip. The Breechshot is its less accurate but more powerful cousin, with an attached blade to make it an ideal close-range weapon. The Booshka, meanwhile, is a grenade launcher with shells that can explode on impact or after a short delay.

The rewards earned through multiplayer have been altered as well. You'll earn a number of Prizeboxes based on your performance in the match. These mystery boxes can contain XP bonuses or even new weapon and armor skins.

The gameplay footage, below, looks a lot faster than previous games. I'm curious how this new pace will be received by series fans. Is it making the traditional Gears experience better or is it making the game play like every other multiplayer shooter out there?

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.