Geomerics, best known for the lighting solutions in AAA games using their highly adaptable lighting engine, Enlighten, has announced that they have opened up a brand new office space to handle the growing need for lighting solutions within the game development space within North America, enabling the company to service both American and Canadian game studios.

Middleware will play a vital role in the emerging next-generation of gaming, as big, medium and small studios will aim to branch out their projects to include content and design solutions offered from a number of different companies and services.

Lighting is also kind of an inevitable and important aspect of every game out there and coming to the market, so it only makes sense as a middleware company that Geomerics move into a position where they cater to the fast-emerging sectors within the gaming industry that need or require support. In this case, it's offering lighting solutions to a wide range of interactive entertainment products, including games like Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Battlefield and Need for Speed: The Run to name a few.

Geomerics CEO Gary Lewis commented about the new office, saying...
“Opening up a Vancouver office demonstrates our commitment to growing the customer base for our lighting technology, Enlighten, as we start to enter a new generation for games. With the number of video game platforms expanding dramatically, the need for high-quality middleware has never been greater. 2012 was a year of solid growth for us, and we are looking forward to a hugely exciting 2013.”

2013? How about 2014...where the next-gen consoles will surely be available on the market and studios of each and every size will be clamoring to get in on the action. I imagine 2013 will be big but 2014 will be colossal, especially if the Steambox manages to get some real legs later this year.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about Geomerics, the new office and their middleware solutions, including Enlighten, feel free to pay a kind visit to the Official Website.

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