When Ubisoft and Rooster Teeth team up to make a Far Cry 3 video, they really go all out. This latest piece of media features one of the game’s mo-cap actors, who just so happens to look like his in-game character, a brief scene of torture on a beach and…McLovin?

A quick bit of history for those who don’t know how actor Michael Mando got the role of Vaas in Far Cry 3, one of the local psychos and drug dealer extraordinaire. The character of Vaas originally looked and acted a lot different from what fans have come to know as the game’s main antagonist. When Mando came in to audition for the part, however, his unique, unhinged take on Vaas really won over the developers. After a couple of callbacks, Mando returned to the studio to discover that the character had actually been completely redesigned to look exactly like him, plus a wild hairstyle and a few additional scars. As such, Mando is one of those rare video game actors who portrays an in-game character that could easily pass as his twin.

And so, it should come as no surprise that Mando is now acting as Vaas in some new media for Far Cry 3, capturing the insanity of his character in live performance as perfectly as he does in the virtual world. (Are you paying attention, movie gods?)

In the following video, Vaas has a little chat with his viewers about hygiene and the fine art of torture. Christopher Mintz, the actor who portrayed McLovin in the film Superbad, plays himself. This version of Chris, however, is about to have a pretty nasty run-in with his deranged captor.

This video actually serves as a teaser for a full miniseries of clips run by Machinima called “The Far Cry Experience.” Check out the trailer, then head on over to YouTube to watch Mintz’s full transformation from a pampered celebrity to an island badass.

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