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Get Out Your Tap Shoes For Wii’s Let’s Tap

Sega just recently announced that they will be releasing a new kind of rhythm-based game for the’s a game that will push the boundaries of creativity and motion detection. If the headline doesn’t spill the beans for you, then maybe I should simply say that tap-dancing isn’t dead, it’s going to be alive and well on your Wii.

“Let’s Tap represents innovation and a departure from any preconceived notion of how video games are to be played,” says Sean Ratcliffe, VP of Marketing at SEGA of America. “Naka san is one of the video game industry’s creative luminaries. This game is his newest creation and we are excited to be able to expose the gamers in North America to something fresh and different from anything they’ve played before.”

It’s definitely different all right. The concept is as follows: Players set the Wii-mote onto the floor or a completely flat surface, in which case the game detects “minute” vibrations caused by players who actually have to tap with their fingers. Alternatively, I guess based on the design and with a proper surface, gamers could actually tap with their feet as well. It’s an interesting concept that could fly high with ameliorable originality or fall into the glitch-infested pit of shovelware. It’s a tough call at this point.

On the upside, Sonic creator Yuji Naka has been working on the game with his development team, Prope. The game will feature five modes of play that support up to four simultaneous players. The modes are actually uniquely cool, in that they aren’t quite what I expected. They’re listed below.

Let’s Tap Game Modes:

Tap Runner players use differing finger tapping pressure to make simple stick figure racers run through an obstacle course.

Visualizer players are allowed to create dazzling fireworks effects, dramatic paint strokes, amongst other effect as they tap out different rhythm patterns that correspond to different effects.

Silent Blocks finds players taking turns removing blocks from a large stack, tapping too hard will result in a collapsing stack of blocks.

Bubble Voyager allows players to fly through space, blasting obstacles and enemies in order to reach the far stretches of the universe.

Rhythm Tap allows players to time the taps of their fingers to high energy music.

The game is due out exclusively for the Nintendo Wii this Summer. You can learn more by visiting the Official Sega Let’s Tap Website. For more gaming news and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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