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Ubisoft released a new trailer for Ghost Recon Wildlands ahead of its appearance at this year's E3 in Los Angeles California. The trailer focuses on the combat and vehicular play offered in the open-world title, which is set to appear on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It looks impressive, to say the least.

Game Informer caught wind of the new trailer as it recently started making its way around the internet. The two and a half minute promo piece has a voice-over talking about the squad of four being watchers, adventurers and ultimately the judges and executioners of those who they have been sent in to eliminate.

Sprinkled throughout the philosophies of a ghost, we get to see some really neat action sequences and some great use of vehicular combat, including traversal, turret play and chase sequences. One of the more standout moments in this newest Ghost Recon game was early on in the trailer when the dune buggy is trekking across some watery marshlands and it's kicking up water and dirt particles along the way. It's the little things like that that give the game a deeper sense of immersion, and the mechanical elements a sense of weight and realism, something that's sorely been missing from a lot of games this generation.

Of course, those details were also noted by plenty of gamers and it led to the proverbial call-out on how long it would take Ubisoft to downgrade Ghost Recon Wildlands before it hits store shelves.

It's not an invalid complaint. Ubisoft as a company has been known to promote some awesome looking games that are just above and beyond the resource budgets of the home consoles, thus resulting in the games having to take a huge hit in the graphics department before release. We saw this in a sterling example with Watch Dogs, which became its own controversy just surrounding the E3 graphics and the real-time graphics. We also saw a similar downgrade with The Division, where the game looked near photo-realistic during the debut at E3 but then looked rather generic by the time the release day rolled around.

The trailer above did a fantastic job of making Ghost Recon Wildlands look magnificent, and the threatening appearance of the APC looked good, just as well as the bikes tearing through the icy tundra or ripping up the dirt alongside the mountains also looked good. The question is: will they continue to look that good when this latest Ghost Recon game releases on home consoles and PC?

We'll likely get our first glimpse of some unedited gameplay footage at this year's E3 during the Ubisoft press conference. A lot of eyes will be on the games set to appear during the second half of this console generation, and innovation and unique gameplay will be the key. Unfortunately the trailer doesn't even hint at a release date, so we can't even say if we're to expect Ghost Recon Wildlands to launch this year. I guess we'll find out at E3.

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