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While the Nintendo 3DS is getting the latest game in the Monster Hunter franchise, the PlayStation Vita is getting a handful of games that ape on that formula, including the upcoming fantasy adventure Ragnarok Odyssey, the dark and gritty Soul Sacrifice, and the recently announced deity-slaying simulator, God Eater 2

The original God Eater released in the States as God Eater Burst and featured players taking on missions to defeat vicious deities with massive, living, transforming swords. It didn’t have the depth of a Monster Hunter game, but the combat was extremely reminiscent thanks to the larger-than-life enemies, strategic action-oriented gameplay and the ability (and almost need) to team up with other players to tackle the tougher quests.

During Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference, Namco Bandai made the announcement of God Eater 2 official, saying that it would be headed to Japan sometime next year. No word yet on a release outside of the home country but, considering the fact that the original God Eater performed pretty well overseas, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll be getting our hands on it sometime after the initial launch.

Even cooler is the fact that God Eater 2 will be releasing for both the PSP and PS Vita, featuring the exact same content. The Vita will have a graphical overhaul, sure, but otherwise the games will reportedly be identical. So identical, in fact, ad hoc play between the Vita and PSP versions of the game will be possible.

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