Today's PlayStation Store update will bring a God of War: Ascension demo. This free taster will allow players to try out a segment of the single-player campaign.

Ascension is set ten years before the events of the first God of War. Kratos, a Spartan general who became the servant of Ares, refuses to be his minion any longer. The God of War won't let him go so easily, though.

According to the preview on PlayStation.Blog, the campaign begins in the Prison of the Damned. Kratos has been imprisoned there for the rest of eternity. However, he breaks free of his bonds and fights his way out of the prison. The level, and presumably the demo, ends with a fight against the many-armed boss known as Hecantochires.

Players can expect a few changes to the usual GoW gameplay. Quick Time Events are still there but are less frequent. Furthermore, Kratos doesn't swap between weapons in this game. Instead, he wields the Blades of Chaos and uses different magical enchantments (ice, fire, and more) on them. I guess the development team is finally admitting that Kratos' blades are the best and most frequently used weapons.

The demo will arrive this afternoon on PSN. In the meantime, check out this trailer that sets up the campaign's story.

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