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Santa Monica Studios is apparently working on a new God of War for the PlayStation 4. The news came fast, heavy and like a blur during the PlayStation Experience this past weekend, where the new director of the game made the announcement in passing during a panel discussion for the God of War series.

You can always rely on the trust NeoGaf denizens to churn something out of the event after they spotted two tweets from Santa Monica Studios about the announcement of a new God of War game being in development.

Unfortunately, the Sony-owned studio deleted the tweets from Twitter, but as the old saying goes: once on the internet, forever on the internet.

You can check out the screen-caps of the deleted tweets below.

Of course, the common response is “couldn't someone just Photoshop those images?” and to that, I say “watch the panel discussion!”

There's a video up of the complete panel discussion where you can see Cory Balrog – the upcoming game's new director – drop the bomb. Unfortunately you'll have to trudge through the hour and a half long video. Nevertheless, if you're a fan of God of War then it's all good.

God of War originally came onto the scene for the PlayStation 2 back in 2005. It wasn't long after that the success of the game led to the extremely popular sequel God of War II. From there the trilogy became complete with God of War III and later on there was God of War: Ascension.

With a few re-releases and hold-me-offs in between, it looks like gamers will finally get the highly anticipated new installment in the popular franchise starring one of the angriest Greeks the world has ever known.

The new game will be designed for Sony's latest Sony PlayStation home entertainment console. So new graphics, new mechanics and better physics are all expected to make an appearance when the game finally does get released.

The series has had a long and storied history of not only being very popular but also very controversial. The game is continually lambasted by certain groups for being sexist and misogynistic, while others paint it as an ultra-violent killing simulator.

Despite all the negative press that has come out over the years for the hack-and-slash title, the popularity of the brand continues to grow. It will be interesting to see where the go with the new series and if they're planning on rebooting the franchise with a new entry in the game or if they're going to continue on where the last one left off, even though most people feel Kratos' story has been completed.

I'm pretty sure we can expect a pretty big showing of God of War at the upcoming E3 2015 event. I say that like it's just a few months away, but time moves oh-so-fast these days.

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