A new developer’s documentary has surfaced from Polyphony Digital uncovering some of the details of the NASCAR portions of Gran Turismo 5. Unfortunately, we don’t get any in-game play, just some of the stock cinematic footage that was released last year.

The documentary also covers the tie-in of NASCAR with Gran Turismo. Although I doubt Gran Turismo would open up more fans to NASCAR so much as NASCAR would open up new fans for Gran Turismo.

Hopefully in the next video we can get some more footage of the actual in-game oval-track racing. From what was on display at E3 the whole concept of an entire grid racing at the same time, complete with car damage and realistic physics, is pretty darn cool. If Gran Turismo 5 gets NASCAR right – complete with seasonal DLC – there won’t be a need to bother with any other NASCAR game.

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