That’s right, you could win a copy of Gran Turismo 5 by playing the PS3 racer, Superstars V8 Racing. O-Games is giving away 10 copies of Polyphony Digital’s highly anticipated racer, with competitions commencing on November 12th, this upcoming Friday.

Greg Lanz, General Manager of O-Games commented about the contest, saying…
“Beginning next week and for the next ten weeks, we’ll be challenging players of Superstars V8 Racing on PlayStation Network to various leaderboard competitions, and award winners a brand new copy of Gran Turismo 5. Superstars V8 Racing is the perfect game for racing fans to sharpen their skills as they wait for Gran Turismo 5, and what better way than to reward fans with a brand new copy of the game. Exactly when we can ship GT5 is anybody’s guess, but rest assured, we will send out prizes whenever it hits retail shelves.”

Players will be pitted against other players from around the world, as everyone competes for the coveted prize of winning a free $59.99 retail copy of Gran Turismo 5, which is due out exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Rules and regulations for the contest can be found at the Official Superstars V8 Racing Facebook Page. PS3 gamers can purchase a copy of Superstars V8 Racing for only $19.95.

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