With Gran Turismo Sport slated to arrive on the PlayStation 4 sometime this year, fans are eager for pretty much any scrap of information pertaining to the game. Sadly, a scrap is all we have to share with you following the game's announcement weeks ago, as a not-so-great screenshot from a recent Tokyo event is the only new piece of media to surface since the original announcement.

The below screenshot first went live on the Gran Turismo Sport neogaf page, where fans followed up with a whole bunch of commentary that's worth a read for those of you eagerly anticipating the game. The shot was taken during the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, where Gran Turismo Sport, the latest racing exclusive for the PlayStation 4, was shown off to those in attendance.

Also, keep in mind that this shot was taken off-screen, so it doesn't really show off how the game will actually look running on your console.


Since Gran Turismo Sport was first announced during the Paris Games Week event in December, all fans have been able to do is speculate what, exactly, will be included in the game. The Sport part of the title leads most to believe that this won't be a fully fleshed out Gran Turismo, so maybe don't expect the insane number of vehicles and modes you typically get out of the series proper. It may be that they simply wanted to get something out within the first couple of years of the PS4's life cycle, and so decided to do a project that was a bit more manageable than the traditional games.

Then again, Gran Turismo has always been known as a leading driving simulator, so maybe the word “sport” signifies that this new experience will be a slightly more arcade racing take on the series. I'm not saying we should expect Burnout style controls, but maybe a game that focuses more on getting in, racing and just having fun out on the track.

For now, sadly, Polyphony Digital is remaining mum on the matter. Heck, even their “new” trailer shown off during the Tokyo event was just a repeat of the one from Paris.

But while there are still a lot of unknowns revolving around the PlayStation's latest racer, at least we know one rad piece of info: The game will be supported by PlayStation VR. While we highly doubt that the entire game will be playable with the VR headset strapped on, the fact that you'll be able to drive around to some degree within a virtual raceway is pretty exciting news. Now if only we could solve one more mystery; specifically how much the PlayStation VR will actually cost.
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