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The official first dethroning of Grand Theft Auto IV’s new reign has occurred. The powerhouse title has power slammed Call of Duty 4 from the top of the Statue of Happiness. In a completely obvious way, GTA IV rose to the top of the charts on Xbox LIVE. So now we’re just waiting to hear the official NPD numbers, and whether Niko and his cousin are able to jack the biggest first month away from John 117 and Cortana.

Major Nelson revealed on his blog earlier today that GTA IV did indeed take the most played spot, with CoD 4, Halo 3 and Guitar Hero III remaining in order following the Liberty City domination. I’m sadly still making my way through single player, but I’ve set aside time in my mind for some online madness very soon.

Now we just have to wait for Call of Duty 5 for a new game to overtake GTA, unless something surprises us before hand. Then again, GTA IV’s multiplayer could have Halo 2 legs and go on for a year or two as top dog.

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