Who says crime doesn’t pay? If you want to dive into an extensive game series that proves quite the opposite, then you might want to check out today’s Spring Fever offerings on the PlayStation Network as the entire Grand Theft Auto collection goes on sale.

Announced yesterday as part of the PlayStation Plus update, the Spring Fever sale on all GTA games benefits subscribers and non-subscribers alike. These prices were supposed to go live on Tuesday but, given an especially slow network update, the regularly scheduled store update is only just now going live.

But savings are better late than never, right? Included in this week’s promotion is everything from GTA IV and all of its DLC on the PlayStation 3, on down to PSP titles like Chinatown Wars and PS2 classics taking place in Vice City and San Andreas. Following are a list of the GTA sale items posted this afternoon on the PlayStation Blog. After each game is the sale price for all customers. In parenthesis are the PlayStation Plus prices, receiving an additional discount.

PS3 Games
-GTA IV $13.99 ($9.79)
-GTA IV The Ultimate Edition $20.99 ($14.69)
-GTA: Episodes from Liberty City $13.99 ($9.79)

PS3 Add-ons
-GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony $13.99 ($9.79)
-GTA IV: The Lost and the Damned $6.99 ($4.89)

-GTA: Chinatown Wars $13.99 ($9.79)
-GTA Liberty City Stories $13.99 ($9.79)
-GTA Vice City Stories $13.99 ($9.79)

PS2 Classics
-Grand Theft Auto 3 $6.99 ($4.89)
-GTA San Andreas $10.49 ($7.34)
-GTA Vice City $6.99 ($4.89)

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