The first gameplay trailer for Warner Bros. and Monolith Games' upcoming DotA style multiplayer game, Guardians of Middle Earth, has been released. The trailer features gameplay that's to be expected from a multiplayer arena battle game just with a coat of Middle Earth skin on it.

The game looks all right but when you compare to a game like Hi-Rez's Smite you can easily see that one game sort of aims to excel a bit further in the genre than the other.

Of course, though, this is early footage of Guardians of Middle Earth and the game isn't due out until this fall. As you'll see in the trailer below they basically just cover a lot of basics and tease you with what's possible. So until a dev diary surfaces the verdict will still be out on how in-depth or visceral the gameplay will be.

The game will boast a number of different heroes as well as the typical 5-on-5 battles that have become standard in most MOBA type games such as League of Legends. It's interesting to note that after Riot mastered such massive popularity with their free-to-play title so many other companies are trying their hand at it.

For now it's hard to see any other games standing out or standing away from LoL as truly being unique or different. But I guess if you want to play a Lord of the Rings-themed game in true MOBA fashion then it's all good.

You can look for Guardians of Middle Earth to launch this fall for the Xbox 360 and PS3. For more info feel free to visit the Official Website.

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