NIS America has announced a new addition to its SRPG library, and fans of games like Disgaia should be more than a little excited. It's called Guided Fate Paradox, it's coming out on the PlayStation 3, and it'll be here as soon as Nov. 5th.

NIS America Marketing Coordinator David Alonzo made the announcement official this morning, describing The Guided Fate Paradox as a “doozy.”

“In The Guided Fate Paradox, you play as the exceptionally ordinary high school student, Renya Kagurazaka, who one day wins a shopping mall lottery hosted by a cute girl,” Alonzo said. “Your prize” You become God! And that cute girl's actually an angel named Lilliel, tasked with helping you out.”

You had me confused there for a minute, Alonzo. At first, I wasn't sure how playing as an “exceptionally ordinary high school student” strayed anywhere close to “doozy” territory. Then you go and say that the player becomes a deity via lottery, making your claim quite a bit more legit.

Roll footage!

So, as god, you've got to determine what happens in peoples' lives. In order to do that, Alonzo explains that you'll be interacting with a “Fate Revolution Circuit,” where you'll fight monsters in an exact copy of the world's reality that, apparently, are stopping these silly humans from achieving their true potential.

Even more interesting is the fact that The Guided Fate Paradox is actually a roguelike, with each dungeon being randomly generated for the player to explore and fight their way through. When you die (gods can die!?), you lose all of your gear and stats progression. You'll eventually be able to store particularly important items, though, and your progress is also translated into a stronger base set of stats depending on how well you were doing, so each successive run should become easier and easier. Still, if you like a challenge, this game looks to dish them out.

But you won't be fighting alone, as it turns out. The player can select an angelic assistant to journey at their side, each offering their own strengths, weaknesses and additional benefits. Couple that with your own god-like abilities and a large number of gear, accessories and items to fill your duffel bag with, and you're ready to take on any challenge.

“If this wasn't enough customization, you also have the Divinigram, which allows you to give your angels and yourself permanent stat boosts and passive skills,” Alonzo continues. “You'll also be able to synthesize items together, so you can fuse stat boosts into an item to create even more powerful equipment.”

Assuming your mind won't already be too far focused on the next generation by then, you can look to grab The Guided Fate Paradox on PS3 starting Nov. 5.

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