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Halo 3 Marriage Proposal

The multiplayer experience for first person shooters is not exactly romantic. Love is far from most players’ minds when they’re blowing the heads off guys named “Sploogefactory” and “Teabagger69” with a shotgun. But one Halo 3 player has brought a little love into the violent, profanity-laced world of online shooters, by using the game’s Forge map editor to propose to his girlfriend.’s community manager Trixie (five bucks Trixie’s actually a dude) made a post earlier today to tell everyone about two Xbox live players, “moviesign” and his girlfriend of two years, “furtive penguin.” One day, Moviesign invited his girlfriend to a 2v2 match on a custom map he had designed. He brought her to a clearing where dozens of weapons were arranged to spell out “Will you marry me?” According to Trixie, furtive penguin said yes, but I’m hoping her exact words were, “Yes! Now let’s shank the other team with energy swords and hump their corpses!”

I’m normally not big on human-interest piece fluff crap like this but I feel this is all pretty noteworthy. It’s one of those very rare occasions that video games have actually resulted in someone getting more sex. Best of luck to the couple. If you happen to end up in a game with them, be sure to congratulate them with a few shots to the face.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.