Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn DVD, Blu-Ray Bundles Spotted

343 Industries is giving Halo 4 fans a chance to own the live-action series Forward Unto Dawn. They're going to release the series on Blu-ray and DVD this spring.

Forward Unto Dawn serves as a prequel to the Halo series. A group of UNSC cadets are put to the test when the Human-Covenant war breaks out. They have to team up with Master Chief to battle an invasion force.

Episodes of the series were released on a weekly basis in the months leading up to Halo 4's launch. It served as a way to introduce series newcomers to the Halo lore. The series also introduced a key new character in Halo 4.

The Deluxe Edition (opens in new tab) of the bundle comes with art cards and an A3 poster. Both the Standard and Deluxe Editions come with bonus footage as well. The Blu-ray version has 100 minutes of bonus video, while the DVD has 40.

According to Amazon UK (opens in new tab), the DVD and Blu-ray Dawn will be released in May.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.