Microsoft is going all out for Halo 4's launch trailer. They've tapped The Social Network director David Fincher and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World visual effects lead Tim Miller to create the trailer along with 343 Industries and ad agency twofifteenmccann.

The launch trailer, called "Scanned," will be live-action. It's said to shed some light on Master Chief's backstory. The trailer also gives us a look at the new dangers he'll encounter in Halo 4. It was filmed in Prague, which somehow makes it seem even fancier. Here's the first still photo from the video:

"As a studio, we’re incredibly excited to be working with one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed directors and one of its top visual effects leads to bring our creative vision for the launch trailer to life,” said 343 Industries franchise development director Frank O’Connor. "Their involvement is a testament to the significance of Halo as a pop culture touchstone, and we think fans are going to be blown away when they see the final piece."

"Scanned" will premiere during Late Night With Jimmy Fallon's October 18th episode. Late Night airs at 12:35am ET, or 11:35pm CT. The trailer will be available on Halo Waypoint and YouTube right after its debut.

If the trailer makes you hunger for more live-action Halo, check out Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. Forward is a live-action series that follows a group of UNSC cadets at the outset of the Human-Covenant War. The first episode premiered on Friday.

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