This Halo 5 Kill Is Ridiculous

Video footage of multiplayer kills in competitive games come a dime a dozen. There's nothing special about killing someone in an online match of Halo 5. What is special is how that person gets killed, and in this most recent video we get to see one of the most ridiculous, match-ending kills in gaming history.

YouTuber SingleHaloClips captured the 36 second clip that rounded out the match featuring miniman34, and just as you thought you knew what was coming... bam!

The clip spends the first 10 seconds of the player being hounded down and chased by another relentless competitor who just keeps on shooting and throwing grenades at him.

After some more running and shooting – constantly getting peppered in the back by his pursuer – the player, miniman34, then manages to get up onto a platform and runs over to an adjacent platform where they seemingly throw a grenade for no reason. With time running out and the match ready to end, the viewer is left to wonder why on Earth miniman34 would throw a grenade in front of him toward the platform when his pursuer was just a few short steps behind?

Well, it turns out that the grenade toss was not some wild-in-the-air, last minute attempt to just throw a grenade. Given the odd physics of Halo games, the throw actually landed the explosive just behind the spawn of a sniper rifle positioned perfectly on the adjacent platform a few jumps away from the player's position. What happens? Well, the explosion causes the sniper rifle to pop up into the air and fly across the gap, right into the hands of the player.

With the kind of precision that would make Jack Bauer jealous and the kind of 360-no-scoping that would make FaZe scream in glee, the player manages to leap into the air, grab the sniper rifle, spin around and shoot his pursuer well in his head while falling off the platform backwards. This results in the pursuer dying, the player living, and the match ending.

The responses in the comment section of the video are as expected. The killing blow was so decisive and well done and executed under such tense conditions that it amazed a lot of the viewers.

Most times when someone is pursuing you in a game like Battlefield, Call of Duty or Halo, the last thing you think about is setting up five steps ahead to get your hands on a sniper rifle and perform a backwards jumping, 360 no-scope headshot.

I don't know if this is better than the sniper skill in Battlefield 4 where the pilot leaps out of the plane, snipes a pilot in a rival plane and then dives back into his own jet. That's the kind of skill that puts the player in a league all their own.

Halo 5 is available right now for the Xbox One.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.