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Strategic Options, the first downloadable content for Xbox 360 real-time strategy Halo Wars, is now on Xbox Live. It's available in all regions for 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

The add-on comes with three new game modes for multiplayer:
  • Keepaway Mode - The “Halo Wars” adaptation of Capture the Flag. Teams will battle it out to capture a free-roaming Forerunner Sentinel to score points before the other team. Capture three sentinels to claim victory.
  • Tug of War Mode is all about having a stronger army than the opponent. Defeating enemies is essential, but success is determined by a combination of the army, buildings and resources left standing in the end.
  • In Reinforcement Mode, all active battle units are provided in successive waves. Players must adapt their tactics and use the ever-changing set of units to outwit and outlast the enemy.
Strategic Options also adds four new Achievements worth a total of 100G. Requirements for each are listed here.

Halo Wars was released in North America on March 3rd. If you haven't even bought the game yet, read Blend Games' review to determine whether you should.