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When it was announced that the Les Paul Guitar controller from Activision’s Guitar Hero 3 for PS3 would be compatible with Harmonix’s Rock Band, it seemed too good to be true - a peripheral usable with a competing game? Well, the Les Paul ended up being incompatible and the two developers have begun to feud over whose fault it is.

Earlier this week, Harmonix made a public statement to announce they had developed a software patch to fix the compatibility issue but “Activision objected to the release of the compatibility patch. The patch remains with Sony, but we have been told that it will unfortunately not be released due to Activision's continued objection.” The next day, Activision responded that Harmonix (and parent company MTV Games/Viacom) ”declined Activision’s offer to reach an agreement that would allow the use of Guitar Hero guitar controllers with Rock Band.”

The whole thing just smacks of bureaucratic miscommunication. Someone’s fax didn’t go through or something. Anything that has to go through three companies’ (Harmonix, Activision, Sony) worth of red tape is going to get a lot of stupid delays. It seems like Harmonix, the only company who has any interest in this compatibility issue being fixed (after all, the guitar works fine with Activision’s game), was trying to go public about the delay in hopes it would cause Activision to speed things up. Instead it just ticked off Activision and now everyone’s concerned with winning the PR battle. Let’s hope now that they’ve both said their piece, this patch is finally released. Until then, Rock Band players will just have to suck it up and, you know, play with the guitar that actually came with the game.