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Chances are pretty good that, by now, you’ve seen just about every scrap of media to come out of the PlayStation 4 live event that took place yesterday evening. However, one of the big focuses of Sony’s show was how they have made strides to work hand-in-hand with game developers to make sure the new console has their studios in mind. That process was captured in the form of a bunch of interviews concerning the process in a clip called “The shape of things to come.”

For those of you who missed out on last night’s presentation, I’m assuming you’ve been catching up on all of the PS4 news piece meal. You're watching a video here and reading an update there. But now that you’ve ogled all of the photos of the Dualshock 4 controller, re-watched the Second Son trailer a few times and read up on all of those specs, it’s time to hear from the people who actually make the games you will be playing in the next generation.

Sony chatted with game developers to find out what they wanted in the next generation of game consoles in order to make their video games truly shine. The following video features the likes of Ready at Dawn’s Ru Weerasuriya, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer and Harmonix’s Alex Rigopulos. Along with talking about their workings with Sony and the potential of the PlayStation 4, this clip is worth a watch just to hear what some of the industry’s big names have to say about the future of video games in general. They’ve got a lot of cool, big ideas. Here’s hoping the PS4 will help make those dreams a reality.