This trailer has the potential to go viral with its insanity, craziness and creepiness all fused together. David Hasselhoff promotes Burnout: Crash for the Xbox 360 Kinect by basically blowing up an ice-cream truck with an explosive chicken egg.

I’ve got to warn you that heading into this trailer can render some unforeseen results: you may find yourself huddled in a corner from fear, crying uncontrollably, mesmerized or equally horrified. This is mainly because the trailer is all kinds of weird and you can check it out below.

Did you notice how the Hasselhoff got really intensed into his work, channeling his inner Adam West to really bring his chicken powers to life? Truly remarkable. Now after you get done laughing or crying or whatever sort of emotion that strange video above stirred up within you, you can take note that Burnout: Crash is currently available for the Xbox Live Arcade, unfortunately the Hasselhoff is not included.

The game is basically a compilation of mini-game mechanics based around taking various vehicles and blowing them up in different ways, all while creating combos out of chain explosions. It’s one of those mindless pastime games.

You can learn more about Criterion’s offbeat, multiplayer-based, intersection mayhem, Burnout game by visiting the Official Website.

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