In video games, the player is usually the one trying to survive a haunted house. In SFB Games' newly released PlayStation Mobile title, Haunt the House: Terrortown, the roles are actually reversed. Instead of being terrified by countless spooks, this time around the player takes control of the neighborhood ghost, bent on scaring everyone else out of town.

Designed by brothers Adam and Tom Vian, bettern known as “The Super Flash Bros.” (and now SFB Games), Haunt the House began its afterlife in 2010 as a flash game designed for Halloween. The talented brotherly duo decided to enhance and update the game for a new audience following the original game's success, beginning work on a version to be made available for the PlayStation Mobile platform.

“The basic idea of Haunt the House: you float around as a ghost, possessing any objects you see, and use them to perform spooky haunting actions to any humans who are nearby,” said Tom Vian on the PlayStation Blog. “The aim of the game is to scare every single human away from the town, but this game also has an extra objective...”

Vian remained mum about that extra objective, but at least he made up for it with a spiffy launch trailer.

The brothers Viam brought in some friends to help give Haunt the House its unique aesthetics, including Catherine Unger's background designs, Raphael Benjamin Meyer to produce the game's spooktacular soundtrack and the voice work of Kimlinh Tran.

Haunt the House: Terrortown was made available with yesterday's PlayStation Network update and can be played on any device which supports the PlayStation Mobile platform, such as the PS Vita. It can be yours for $3.49.

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