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Soon after PlayStation Move's launch this month, Heavy Rain will get a patch that adds support for this new tech. Today Sony revealed when we can expect the game to receive this patch.

"For those of you who already have a copy of Heavy Rain, we will be releasing the Heavy Rain Move patch on Wednesday, September 22, 2010," said Sony. "Just boot up Heavy Rain (assuming you also have an internet connection) and it will automatically download to your PS3. This FREE patch will allow current owners of Heavy Rain to play the game with the new PlayStation Move controls and experience a whole new way of playing Heavy Rain."

If you haven't picked up Heavy Rain yet, you'll be able to try it out with the new Move support on September 28th. That's the day that a Move-enabled demo will hit PSN. It features the same two levels from the original HR demo.

HR is a tough game to explain quickly. Even without Move, it's pretty unusual. Check out our review for more information.

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