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Harmonix and MTV may have secured the rights to use the Beatles' songs in an upcoming video game, but Guitar Hero publisher Activision has a black belt in marketing and fanboy-baiting. They've just released a commercial for Guitar Hero: World Tour that features super model Heidi Klum dancing around in her lingerie.

The commercial is an homage to the movie "Risky Business," with Klum sliding into her living room wearing only an unbuttoned white shirt, black underwear, and, of course, a plastic guitar. We're led to believe she's playing Guitar Hero but her focus is mainly on shaking her unmentionables. It won't result in a good score for the song but it will end up with a lot of YouTube hits.

Scoff all you want at this blatant pandering to male audiences but you're still gonna watch it. You and me ain't nothin' but mammals. I hope that other companies are watching this commercial and decide to make their own advertisements follow the "Heidi Klum dancing around half-naked" formula. For example, a Gears of War 2 ad with her shimmying around with a plastic Lancer assault rifle in one hand.