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Hellblade may not arrive on the PlayStation 4 until sometime next year, but at least the team at Ninja Theory has decided to grace us with a little eye candy to help make the wait more bearable. Get ready for a new gameplay trailer showing off a tormented warrior’s decent into madness.

When Hellblade was first shown off during Gamescom 2014, rumors started making the rounds that fans of Heavenly Sword were finally getting their long overdue sequel. The game comes from the same developer, Ninja Theory, and even the games’ titles are similar. Throw in the fact that the character on display in that first trailer, as well as today’s new one, looks a hell of a lot like Heavenly Sword sidekick Kai, and it’s easy to see why those assumptions were made.

That’s not the case, as it turns out, as Ninja Theory quickly dispelled all conjecture and made it known that Hellblade is a brand new story, set in a brand new world and starring a brand new character.

It may not be due out on the PS4 until sometime in 2016 but, based on today’s trailer, it looks like the game is moving in a very positive direction. As the trailer states, every scrap of footage on display is in-game and shot in real time.

To help give everyone an idea of what they can expect out of Hellblade next year, Ninja Theory’s Dominic Matthews recently dropped by the PlayStation Blog to share some fresh details.

According to Matthews, Hellblade will focus on a Celtic warrior by the name of Senua, who is quite literally going to hell.

“The hell in question is no ordinary hell, but is in fact a hell that is the manifestation of Senua’s mental illness,” Matthews explains. “Senua experiences psychosis, including hallucinations and delusions, as well as suffering from anxiety and depression. As a player, you will witness Senua’s living nightmare through her own eyes.”

That single statement knocks Hellblade up a peg or two on my Interest Meter. I’ve played a sword-wielding warrior of legend a million times, fighting to save my homeland, family or what have you. An action game that delves into mental struggles, though? That sounds like a refreshing experience.

Even crazier is the fact that Hellblade is apparently being developed by just 15 folks.

“Developing Hellblade independently gives us the freedom to tackle a subject as challenging as mental health,” Matthews continued. “…The idea behind this is that we can create a game independently, with creative freedom, but still deliver AAA quality production values.”
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