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Leave it to gamers to find an exploit for a game even if it's not even in the game itself. Some enterprising individuals found a way to download the beta for The Division for free, right now. It involves pre-ordering the game, downloading the beta and then canceling the pre-order.

Eurogamer offers a snappy explanation of the process, detailing how you'll first need to go to the PlayStation Store and click on “Pay Now” for The Division. If you search for the game again in the PlayStation Store, you should see the beta in the list. You can begin downloading the beta from the PS Store. Once it finishes and you're able to boot it up, you can then proceed to cancel your pre-order.

You'll find your pre-order through the account information in settings. Head to the “wallet” and the transaction history to find and cancel the pre-order.

From there you'll be able to enjoy the beta for The Division without having to stay committed to pre-ordering the game. The beta will get underway for those who pre-ordered and a select number of other users starting Thursday and Friday for the Xbox One and PS4 on January 28 and January 29. For PS4 owners they fit into the January 29 slot.

There have already been impressions circulating from a pre-selected number of YouTubers who have been giving their feedback on the game. So far the reactions are kind of mixed to lukewarm. A lot of them have been positive about the looting and the possibilities of the Dark Zone, which is where the free-for-all PvP takes place in the game.

The impressions surrounding The Division's character creator and shooting mechanics haven't been the most positive. Various YouTubers have mentioned that enemies are bullet sponges since the game utilizes RPG mechanics not unlike Borderlands or Destiny. So this means you will need certain high-level weapons to quickly chip away at the health of enemies, otherwise you'll have to pepper them with a lot of ammo to take them down.

As mentioned, players can loot and upgrade their weapons, weapon modifications and equipment by performing basic missions or heading to the Dark Zone, the latter of which has the best looting options. After gathering said loot players will have to get to the extraction zone in order to get it back to their base and use the equipment they just commandeered. Some YouTubers mentioned that it's possible to avoid firefights by doing jumping jacks in the extraction area to let people know that they don't mean any harm and they aren't there to cause any trouble. That kind of meta aspect of the game – getting loot and trying to avoid getting killed while exfiltration is taking place – adds some interest to the title.

The problem is that The Division doesn't seem to have a lot of other qualities going for it right now other than being a loot-and-grind third-person shooter with some optional PvP in the Dark Zone. We'll see if the game has more depth to it as the beta opens up to more players and more relaxed and honest previews are made available to the public.

You can utilize the method above for the PS4 to get in on the beta or you can wait for March 8 to roll around to pick up a copy of The Division for the PS4, Xbox One or PC.

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