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One of Nintendo's prized possession this generation has been the surprise hit toy collection known as Amiibo. They have been selling like crazy along with their new IP, Splatoon. So Nintendo has decided to unleash more Amiibo for the very popular new multiplayer shooter game starting July 8.

As spotted by Gamespot, Nintendo took to Twitter to announce that two new Amiibo are coming on July 8 for Splatoon. The figurines will feature squid sisters Callie and Marie in some outrageously fashionable attire for $24.99 in a bundle pack, or they can be purchased separately for $12.99 each. They will also be accompanied by a new bundle pack containing two squid kids and a squid, which will also be available starting July 8 for $34.99.

The two figures will allow players to make use of brand new songs in the soundtrack selection menu, as well check out two new dance routines that the characters can utilize in between matches. That's in addition to playing as the characters themselves within Splatoon. To showcase the new features and to give gamers an idea of what they can look forward to in July, a new trailer was released that you can check out below.

They don't actually show either of the two sisters doing combat in the competitive paint-and-platform game, but we do get to see how they look in-game at the very least.

Splatoon has been an absolute surprise hit for Nintendo, moving more than 4 million copies, as pointed out in the Gamespot piece. The title also makes it one of the Wii U's best selling games, up there alongside Super Mario Maker, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.

A large part of Splatoon and other recent Wii U games' success comes in due part to the Amiibo figurines, which have been selling like crazy since Nintendo debuted them a couple of years ago.

The article notes that Nintendo has managed to ship more than 53.6 million Amiibo figures since they've been made available to the general public.

Given the popularity of games like Splatoon, we can expect to see those numbers jump even more as Nintendo introduces more content and specialty items into their game.

Another big reason that the Amiibo sell so well is because they have multi-game functionality. The Mario Amiibo, for instance, can be used in various titles from Super Smash Bros to Mario Kart 8 to the recently released Kirby: Planet Robobot on the Nintendo 3DS. This gives gamers a reason to buy and collect as many Amiibo as possible to see what sort of functions and secrets they unlock in other games.

I'm sure the Splatoon Amiibo will be popular with the millions of gamers who already have a copy of the game. You can expect to get your hands on them starting this summer.