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IO Interactive, Eidos and Square Enix released a new trailer for Hitman: Absolution featuring some shooting, some hiding and some of Agent 47’s up-close-and-personal melee skills.

I’m a little torn on the trailer because ultimately what we see looks to be like Splinter Cell: Conviction or Uncharted 3, which may be a little unsettling for fans of the original Hitman gameplay mechanics. Nevertheless, the following trailer is just a teaser and they probably wanted gamers to get a feeling of intensity while also showing off a few of Agent 47’s badass abilities.

Well, one thing is for sure: the game looks fantastic. I just really hope this isn’t another one-vs-one-hundred, stealth-and-gun third-person shooter. The teaser shows shades of the former being possible but IO is a smart group of developers and Eidos seems to be trying to break trends lately, so we’ll see which way they take Hitman: Absolution. This is especially considering that the series became renown for tossing players in sandbox environments and letting them tackle assigned targets anyway that they seen fit.

You can keep track of the game and its progress by visiting the Official Website. Hitman: Absolution is set for release in 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.