Square Enix has provided gamers with a lengthy preview of Contracts Mode, the online component of Hitman: Absolution. The new video is over 18 minutes long so it's probably more gameplay footage than you ever hoped for.

Contracts mode tasks players with completing custom missions. They can get these missions from other players or design their own. Players choose the map, weapons, enemies and other conditions and the mission is automatically generated.

The objective with Contracts is to complete the mission as quickly and silently as possible. Note the scoreboard at the top left of the screen. Your score will be measured against friends and even the world.

By performing missions, Agent 47 earns money. This money can then be spent on abilities or equipment. You can earn upgrades through the single-player campaign for use in Contracts as well.

Judging from these videos, these Contracts missions are surprisingly complex. They don't feel like they were churned out by a mission generator. Hopefully they'll feel that way even after players have beaten the campaign missions.

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