In Hitman: Absolution, Agent 47 be able to kill enemies in a vast variety of ways. A new trailer from Square Enix demonstrates the different approaches you can take to violence.

For starters, you can be like Solid Snake and sneak your way through missions. After carefully creeping up on enemies, you can kill them without making a peep. Just make sure to hide the bodies, though.

You can take this subtle approach to a whole different levels in Hitman games, though. Instead of murdering targets silently, why not make it look like they weren't murdered at all? You can arrange a variety of "accidents" for your enemies using, say, a falling chandelier or a malfunctioning surgical robot.

If these strategies fail, though, Agent 47 is more than capable in a gunfight. He looks more capable of straight-up gunfights than he was in previous games. I guess IO Interactive is trying to make Absolution accessible to more action-oriented players as well. Hopefully they don't pull a Resident Evil 6 and go too far with that.

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